Q: How much do we charge

A: It all depends on the project. For development projects we discuss your business requirements, provide an hour estimate for the work required and based on the estimate we calculate the price. For online marketing services, again we analyze your requirements, available budget you are willing to invest into marketing and provide you with the quote for our work. Quote would include fees to advertising tools (such as Google AdWords, Facebook etc.) and our consultancy fees with hourly rate.

Q: Quote for online marketing

A: Quote for online marketing would vary depending on the industry of your business, state of your web site, social media channels and budget you have available. The quote we provide would include estimated fees to advertising providers, such as Google AdWords, Facebook etc., and our consultancy fees based on the number of hours our specialists would be working on your marketing campaign. We do not charge you extras for paid advertising.

Q: What's in the bill

A: Online marketing services invoices typically contain consultancy fees (hourly rate and number of hours), plus paid advertising fees (budget allocated to paid channels, such as Google AdWords, Facebook advertising etc.). For development tasks an invoice would include separate items, such as architecture, design, development, hosting, support tasks with hourly rates and number of hours for each task.

Q: How to pay

A: For online marketing services we expect you to pay upfront in case the strategy involves paid advertising. For development services payment must be fulfilled after the work is completed and user acceptance testing phase passed successfully. All payment details would be included into the invoice we provide, but generally you can pay either by bank transfer or via PayPal.